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Ending 2020: SOLUTIONS

First, I want to thank God for giving me the ability to express myself and the curiosity to ALWAYS seek for the truth, regardless of appearances.

2020 been quite a lot for all of us. We all wonder what’s to come and we all feel the change and the shifting that is happening in the world right now.

It is natural for you to be afraid of change. We hold on to what we know because it feels secure and we forget that there is an intelligent mind that is very much alive and developing this universe and everything it contains.

The next thing I’m about to say is the main reason I made this video.

If there is one thing that this pandemic had taught me, is the importance of the POWER TO ADJUST. The reason I say “power” and not “ability” to adjust is because I don’t mean for you to settle for less, or accept reality for what it seems to be.

I mean for you to adjust your mind to ideas that are different than yours. The power to adjust your mind to a situation, an environment or a feeling so that you can grow from, or out of it, instead of denying it, or claiming it as wrong

The person who refuses to adjust will:

  1. Focus on the negative and the past, instead of on the positive change and the possibility.

  2. Attack another person for having different views than theirs.

It is needless to say that those people are either stuck, or going backwards in life. They cannot fill their place in society, and they slow humanity down. With or without a pandemic.

Another thing,

Whatever your idea is, don’t blame governments and politicians. It is true that there is corruption, and not all information is being told to us. But God has worked very hard & patiently to get humanity where we are now.

If it weren’t for politicians, we would fall to anarchy.

If you want to change your idea of the powerful, become powerful. Surround yourself with the powerful. Live your life in such a way that the only purpose you serve is to become the best version of yourself so that you can become the change you want to see.

Create the path for yourself in your own way. Now that seemingly everything “fell apart” - it is a chance for you to use your creativity to find solutions. To find yourself.

Ask questions. Use your intuition.

Do not engage in conversations that make you feel that this world is going to the devil, the world is not going to the devil, it is going to God.

Know that the universe and nature want you to be happy, successful and HEALTHY. And if you work with the universe plan, all power will work with you, and all power cannot fail.

Thank you my love.


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