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Women in Power

Who is a powerful woman in my eyes?

  • a woman who knows her purpose, or purposely is in search of it.

Understanding that YOU have a purpose, and you have the power to change peoples

lives is a fundamental acknowledgment every woman has to make.


It isn’t enough to know our purpose, but we must have courage to follow that purpose.

As a young woman working in the entertainment world I can tell you that multiple times people have mistaken my hunger and dedication for a way for them to try and take advantage of me.

And here’s the thing, when your purpose is aligned with the purpose of all, you should never be afraid of missing out on any opportunity.

Do not be afraid to say “No”.

Saying “yes” out of fear of missing out means you are in the competitive mind.

The competitive mind thinks that the supply is limited. The supply of opportunities and blessings provided to us by God are never limited. By questioning the supply, you are questioning God, and by doing so, you question yourself, you disconnect from yourself, and you lose your purpose.

Stay away from the competitive mindset.

Have the courage to say “No” and understand that bigger things are always coming your way.

Why do I think women are powerful?

  • I believe that everything in this universe seeks more life and INCREASE. People, animals, thoughts, feelings, and life itself. Everything seeks expression through us and everything around us. Music as a living thing expresses itself through dancers and musicians. Love expresses itself through human connections. Creation expresses itself through us, women. We are a source for more life, created by the source of all life.

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